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posted Sep 29, 2020, 5:24 AM by Balvihar Teachers 4A
Avatars- Matsya
We had a very enthusiastic class this morning as we learnt about the first avatar, Matsya, from the Dashavatars.  We did a few recaps into the Yugas from the first class (Please refer to slides posted from class of 8/30/20).  As our kids love science, we also shared a slide on Darwin's Evolution and how it relates to the avatars in from the Dashavatar, within the slide deck.  Our kids love stories and there were two of these associated with the Matsya avatar which you can listen to from them. In the next few classes we will continue to learn about the other avatars.  Slides from today's class are attached.

1) What are the Vedas?- 2-3 lines would be good.
2) Self-study: What is the story of the Noah's Ark?- have your kids read up on this; you may want to pull up a book from the library or get them to a safe google site.
3) Continue to have the kids brush up on past lessons, with the help of slide decks posted here and just asking them questions now and then from what they have learnt so far.
Balvihar Teachers 4A,
Sep 29, 2020, 5:24 AM