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posted Nov 28, 2018, 8:31 PM by Veena Divecha
Class Nov 18th

 We reviewed Ramayan and Rama  Avatar, tried to tickle our brains reviewing about Rama, Sita, Ravana, Kumbakarna. Now, we are done with Treta Yuga and started with Dwapara Yuga. 

Balarama versus Buddha Avatar. Who is Balarama? Avatar of Vishnu..and how come we have 2 Vishnu Avatar at the same time.  So, who is Balarama?

Kids were more enthusiastic about Krishna and about Krishna's birth, his childhood stories. As kids are going to learn more about Krishna and Mahabharat next year, we had fun learning about the mischievous behavior of Krishna. 

Points to remember Parents
1. We are going to finish Dashavatar next class and will have a quiz and games on Dashavatar on 16th. Hopefully, kids can review our slides and watch some U tube videos 

2. Our Republic day project: This year, we have ORISSA  state and kids have to come with ideas  and we will form groups in our next class and email you in detail

3. We also have Dashavatar Diorama project for kids, where kids pick up a topic from these avatars and have a 3D presentation describing the event.

I hope this will be enough to get through holidays :))))

 PLEASE EMAIL US...if you have any questions. Don't forget to let the kids know about the Quiz.
Veena Divecha,
Nov 28, 2018, 8:31 PM