posted Dec 15, 2019, 6:31 PM by Balvihar Teachers 4A   [ updated Aug 27, 2020, 4:27 PM by Balvihar Administrator ]
Our home work assignments for this semester have all been a focus on sub stories that weave into the main avatars. 

Matsya : We asked the children to compare and contrast this story with Noah's Arc
Kurma : We discussed the many other things that came out of churning of the ocean , other than nectar. The children were asked to look into sub stories in that area.
Varaha : Our focus was a side story on Jaya and Vijaya and their 'three' births on earth.
Narasimha : Side story discussion involved Holika and the celebration of Holi
Vamana : Discussion and research into Bali's influence on Onam & Diwali. The children were also asked to research the story behind Goddess Lakshmi and King Bali and the connection to Raksha Bandhan.
Parashurama : Side story focus was on how he got the bow from Shiva and his run into Shri Rama regarding the bow
Shri Rama : Explore the stories of Hanuman. Discuss stories about Dasara and Diwali. Explore the Uttara Kanda involving Luv and Kush.
Shri Krishna : Explore the stories of Bala Krishna destroying different demons